Why do we lie to ourselves ?


pinokyoLies like I have to work on my spiritual life
Isn’t life spiritual, don’t we know that the spiritual realm gave birth to & controls the physical
Why do we live our lives like God isn’t everywhere?
Better still, Why do we live our lives like we don’t carry God’s presence everywhere?
Why do we act like everyone including God doesn’t know our aims and motives
If only we would handle life like daily spiritual exercises, we would avoid these lie mines and explosives.
Lies like let’s face reality, put God aside
Nothing is as real as God’s word cos after all has passed away, his word would still Glo with pride
Imagine we put man’s breath aside what would we have on the other side?
That’s how dead we become when we put God aside
Cos without him was nothing made that was made
So to put him aside is to remove the foundation that was laid
That’s why things are falling apart despite the price that he paid
These lies are the depths we create in our lives calling unto hell to invade
Lies like he or she is my better half
Its a lie to make you feel incomplete and inadequate, a lonely kpaff(fool)
So you live your life on standby, waiting as long as it lasts
Forgetting the son of God lived, died and rose single but complete in the father, you and I through the Holy Spirit.
Now that’s a love that lasts.
Why do we lie to ourselves?