Titles Titles Idols



Titles Titles Titles
Idols idols idols idols
Read your Bible, Bible, Bible
Don’t do what we do, they do or I do
And mind you, you gotta keep in touch need I remind you
With God the Father, before you start nursing the same desires some abide to
To put titles before purpose, like you sitting in a carriage with the horses behind you
It could happen to anyone all that’s needed is daily exercise of those feelings inside you.
Jesus was called a lot of names but he never accepted a title
Except “The Son of God” which the HolySpirit revealed to Peter as written in the bible
Why can’t we be like Christ only bearing the names God calls us
Like gods, saints and sons, we don’t have to die to be the ones, he already did that for us
But today gods are Greek fairy tale characters and saints, dead people
Their evangelical materials(audiovisuals) have eaten deep into our culture like bean weevils
As God lifts a man he renames him, but the world categorises you with tags to lock you in
We screaming “Christianity ain’t a religion” but we let them rename us and box us in
So people know exactly what to avoid and what not to play on the radio
Have you ever heard of “Muslim Hip-hop” as a genre? Who’re we fooling bro?
Many times they tried to categorise John the Baptist but he stuck with being the voice
Of one crying saying “make straight the way” hence I say “Rise above the Noise
caused by the clashing of titles”