Quit Hustling

Quit hustling
Quit hustling

In the year 2009 while on my way to Lagos to get sound equipment for the fellowship I attended back then in the University of Port Harcourt, the Lord dropped in my spirit the chorus for a song I was gonna record while in lagos. The chorus went like this
I wasn’t surprised beacuse I had been thinking in this line before the trip and after googling the word “hustle” the results were very disturbing because it had nothing to do with the REST that God already made available for us in Christ. A rest so vital that amidst the 365 mentions of “Fear not” in the bible, Paul told us to FEAR lest we don’t enter into it (Heb 4:1). However the word “hustle” had a lot to do with the lifestyle of this world as seen on the streets of lagos and many offices. As the popular saying goes “Baba God, bless my hustle.”
Hustle: to push one’s way roughly, to strive, to force someone to move hurriedly or unceremoniously, to competitively struggle. Synonyms: jostle, bump, knock, shove, nudge, elbow, mob, bustle, manhandle, shove, frogmarch, bulldoze, rush, hurry, hasten, whisk, sweep.
Beloved, God’s plan is for us to cease from our works(Heb 4:10) and wisdom, stop the hustle and enter into his rest (finished works) via believing in him. He doesnt want us to be like those who didn’t mix his word with faith and couldn’t enter his rest because of unbelief but had to toil(hustle) all the rest of their lives(Heb 4:3). Did the hustle bring forth results in terms of food, clothing, shelter and the rest? Yes it did but it wasn’t pleasing unto God because it wasn’t of faith. His plan is for us to believe in him and Jesus Christ whom he sent, thereby getting Eternal life which is defined in John 17:3 as “knowing the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom God has sent”. Now the word “knowing” there was translated from a Greek word “ginosko” which actually means “to become acquainted with that which you believe in as a result of putting that belief to work.” This is way different from just being aware.
Our Lord Jesus Christ, the perfect role model and High Priest(Heb 4:14-15) showed us just how to live unto God our Father. He kept saying whatsoever I see my Father do, that I do also. That’s why he knew to make clay of his spittle to anoint the eyes of that blind man(John 9:6), that’s why he knew how to get money from a fish’s mouth to pay tax for himself and Peter when it was requested of them(Matt 17:27). He was led by the wisdom of God in the already finished works of God from the foundations of the earth(Heb 4:3d), these things had already been done in the realm of the Spirit, all he did was yield to the one working in him/us both to will and to do of God’s delight.
A man led by God’s Spirit (wisdom) would prepare (study to show himself approved), practice (put his faith that has come as a result of study into work) and won’t be fidgety but certain about which opportunity to take advantage of because of he believes in that path (picture) God has shown him. The world is in darkness(can’t see God’s vision/plan) hence the pressure to take advantage of every opportunity except for the mental giants who have built their intelligence and are able to judge based on that, intuition and their goals. However when intelligence, hard work and even our heart (intuition) fails, the sons of God would still work wisely certain of victory as long as they depend on the One Who teaches us to profit and is greater than their hearts(Isaiah 48:17, Psalm 73:26 & 1John 3:20).