Murder, murder, murder, Rappers wanna murder


Image from nowtoronto.comMurder, murder, murder, Rappers wanna murder
Murder, murder, murder, tear the beat asunder
Murder, murder, drop punchlines that strike like thunder
Till that rapper goes down, don’t give a hoot if he my brother
What’s the motive behind this loud art?
I keep telling myself to watch it bro, this Hip-hop that we do is a proud art
Knowledge be spilling like a loud fart
We keep chasing grace away like scared horses galloping with a large cart
Containing all the blessings that comes with being humble
While we acting like wrestlers competing in a royal rumble
So we stumble out of love switch motives start tumbling
And when Brethren start judging, them rappers start grumbling.
You can’t kill a beat homes it’s God’s inspiration
That goes thru the mind and gets new definition
There you have it don’t be asking where I get inspiration
I study and enquire I don’t only listen in congregations
I am not perfect though, I am not a legend
But then again i’m perfect yo and I ain’t being irreverent
The spirit in me is pure and holy so don’t act like you know me
When you see me falling see me crawling, God still calls me holy uh!!!!