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Rat race but i call it rat go slow
Tradition holding us back but many dont know
Corruption acting so klin we need omo
“We would do this do that”… All na Promo!!!
So we follow through the path laid by ancestors it kinda so full of potholes
But u must know that we didnt fight for independence so its value is unknown
A lot of people look to few people to do something
After all said and done many do nothing
Talk shows everywhere peeps pointing fingers
Blame pile up like bills but d issue lingers
Religious wars, no unism like bad singers
So many claiming right and only a few are left wingers
Now we hear of attacks everywhere, the style is kamikaze
Some think its better we spit up n do bigger
Like Dbanj and Don Jazzy.
But they cant jazz me gon
You can’t woo me like that lady so quit with the flattering gon
Even mayruwa for my street homie dey famz me gon
We all washing each other parading titles gon
But what am asking gon?
Is How long we gon cry to ourselves?
Sing the praises of men for money die to ourselves?
Let our bellies be our god ignore the cry out 4 help
The future’s people not technology, dont lie to yourself. Uh!!!