God Hasnt Changed

Infilling of the HolySpirit
The Infilling of the HolySpirit

God hasn’t changed much, in fact God hasn’t changed at all
He is and was “I am” before the creation of man and after his fall
He still doesnt despise when a broken & contrite heart cries out & calls
It still takes just believing in him for righteousness to be the nature of any and all.
He still loves & enjoys our attention especially amidst troubles & distractions
Because what we attend to is magnified in your lives & leads us to its destination
So attending to “I AM” equals him being magnified in our lives leading us into predestination
God is still jealous & doesn’t wish anyone damnation.
He still cuts off those who declare unbelief in him even after witnessing his power
He is still very patient with sinners while he knocks at their hearts every other day, second or hour.
He stills sees people as saved or damned unlike humans who see homosexuals, Bisexuals, virgins or those way past their flower.
He is still prefers saving an already damned soul to judging his actions right or wrong, as it takes a miracle to make sweet what is already sour.
God still doesn’t place one sin above the other
Like some think it was over homosexuality he destroyed Sodom & Gommorah
But he said in Genesis 18:20-21, “To confirm their cries and GRIEVOUS SINS have I come over”
So please don’t believe a twisted truth, don’t let the devil “park and pull you over”
He wants our attention/energy to stay on just one of the many sins & away from the power within
Cos he knows only the HolySpirit can equip anyone with power to truly live above Sin
But with our holy attention on that sin it’s exalted above THE POWER SUPREME
while we all get busy debating the sin looking away from the one who raised Christ from the power of death to The Lord over Everything.
It’s still not possible to be led by God’s Spirit & lose your way
Haven’t you noticed it’s only carnally minded Christians who turn gay?
Let’s place our attention on getting believers off the wrong food to being filled with the HolySpirit
And as God so loved the world, let’s focus on getting them born again, filled with the HolySpirit & in the meantime loving them all the way.