Quit Hustling

Quit hustling
Quit hustling

In the year 2009 while on my way to Lagos to get sound equipment for the fellowship I attended back then in the University of Port Harcourt, the Lord dropped in my spirit the chorus for a song I was gonna record while in lagos. The chorus went like this
I wasn’t surprised beacuse I had been thinking in this line before the trip and after googling the word “hustle” the results were very disturbing because it had nothing to do with the REST that God already made available for us in Christ. A rest so vital that amidst the 365 mentions of “Fear not” in the bible, Paul told us to FEAR lest we don’t enter into it (Heb 4:1). However the word “hustle” had a lot to do with the lifestyle of this world as seen on the streets of lagos and many offices. As the popular saying goes “Baba God, bless my hustle.”
Hustle: to push one’s way roughly, to strive, to force someone to move hurriedly or unceremoniously, to competitively struggle. Synonyms: jostle, bump, knock, shove, nudge, elbow, mob, bustle, manhandle, shove, frogmarch, bulldoze, rush, hurry, hasten, whisk, sweep.
Beloved, God’s plan is for us to cease from our works(Heb 4:10) and wisdom, stop the hustle and enter into his rest (finished works) via believing in him. He doesnt want us to be like those who didn’t mix his word with faith and couldn’t enter his rest because of unbelief but had to toil(hustle) all the rest of their lives(Heb 4:3). Did the hustle bring forth results in terms of food, clothing, shelter and the rest? Yes it did but it wasn’t pleasing unto God because it wasn’t of faith. His plan is for us to believe in him and Jesus Christ whom he sent, thereby getting Eternal life which is defined in John 17:3 as “knowing the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom God has sent”. Now the word “knowing” there was translated from a Greek word “ginosko” which actually means “to become acquainted with that which you believe in as a result of putting that belief to work.” This is way different from just being aware.
Our Lord Jesus Christ, the perfect role model and High Priest(Heb 4:14-15) showed us just how to live unto God our Father. He kept saying whatsoever I see my Father do, that I do also. That’s why he knew to make clay of his spittle to anoint the eyes of that blind man(John 9:6), that’s why he knew how to get money from a fish’s mouth to pay tax for himself and Peter when it was requested of them(Matt 17:27). He was led by the wisdom of God in the already finished works of God from the foundations of the earth(Heb 4:3d), these things had already been done in the realm of the Spirit, all he did was yield to the one working in him/us both to will and to do of God’s delight.
A man led by God’s Spirit (wisdom) would prepare (study to show himself approved), practice (put his faith that has come as a result of study into work) and won’t be fidgety but certain about which opportunity to take advantage of because of he believes in that path (picture) God has shown him. The world is in darkness(can’t see God’s vision/plan) hence the pressure to take advantage of every opportunity except for the mental giants who have built their intelligence and are able to judge based on that, intuition and their goals. However when intelligence, hard work and even our heart (intuition) fails, the sons of God would still work wisely certain of victory as long as they depend on the One Who teaches us to profit and is greater than their hearts(Isaiah 48:17, Psalm 73:26 & 1John 3:20).

Guard your heart



Can man ever be satisfied?

Even when man had no consciousness but was just an idea in the consciousness of God till he was given form, made a living soul, given dominion, a job and a  female help meet for him not a “Tom”. He still blamed God for the gift he was given when he fell as a result of adding to the instruction God gave him.

“The Woman you gave me”

He could have just said “The woman” but he just had to add “the one you Jehovah, gave me yeah?” He didn’t think it had anything to do with the instruction going from “Don’t eat this fruit” to “Don’t touch this fruit”.
Insignificant you may think,  but that little twist open the door for the devil to further twist the truth, deceive the woman and did verily spoil the vine till Jesus came and fixed it.
No wonder when Jesus gave John the book of revelation, he said “blessed is he who doesn’t add or remove from it cos he knew a lot of people had already missed it.
Can man ever be satisfied?
Today he is craving for control and expression for his inventions to the extent he kicks the Lordship of Jesus out of his institutions but retains some principles that favor his selfish ambitions.
But when a trigger happy kid goes spraying bullets in his school you hear things like “why didn’t God stop this?” Or where was God when this or that happened? Really??? Like really???? Which God?
The one you kicked out from the very start
or the one you left knocking at the door of your heart?
Truth is we have seen men so satisfied they knew when their time to go had come
So with their own hands they blessed their children and grand children, gathered their feet and slept off cos their work was done.
So satisfied they rejected the gifts of kings so the sufficiency of their God wasn’t under rated.
So satisfied that even after fasting for forty days and forty nights didn’t sell their birthright for food like the one God hated.
So with all that has been said, I do have a suggestion.
Can we now ask the real question
Can your flesh ever be satisfied?
If it could be, Samson would have known something was wrong when each time he replied Delilah’s question about the source of his strength with a trick answer it was acted on to actually destroy him. I guess the confidence in his flesh and it’s abilities supersaturated his mind till his hair was shaved and eyes plucked out.
He flesh just wanted more and more, but when it’s done we all know what it has in store


We have all been there at one time or the other,
you know you shouldn’t be breaking this principle but you say to yourself, “God’s grace is sufficient and the devil ain’t gat nothing a brother”.
So you lie on the same bed with that sister reading the bible,
talking about the goodness of the Lord when really your opinions have become your idol. Even the Son of God observed principles and never tested God, plus you could never catch him idle.
So you better stop blaming that sister cos it’s clear you shot yourself in the foot with your own rifle.
Sometimes our minds fed with God’s word tries to stop us from abusing things the flesh loves like sugar, sodas and junk food.
But it takes more than Knowledge to stop a strong craving especially when you are in the mood.
If not the knowledge that Murder and Adultery was against the law should have stopped David from killing Uriah and taking his wife Bathsheba.
Or our Father of Faith from even after Gods promises still heeding to Sarah request for him to enter Hagar.
Or Peter from denying the master even though he made up his mind against the master’s counsel that he wasn’t going to deny him,
Or the same Peter from rebuking our Savior concerning his death, burial and resurrection even though moments ago the spirit of God through Peter helped Define him.
Even Jesus had to guard his heart from the intelligence of his mind by choosing to see Lazarus as sleeping instead of dead.
He also had to guard his heart from his flesh by letting God’s will be done even though he was feeling sorrowful at Gethsamane because even him flesh know say “E don Red”.
The truth is our heart was made to be led by the spirit of God not by our strength, flesh or five senses.
So it’s not just our flesh or strength we should be guarding our heart from but those intelligently crafted tenses.
Imagine if Peter focused on knowing they had toiled all night without catching anything and never obeyed the instruction of the master.
Imagine if that woman observed the reasoning of the disciples she never would have broken that alabaster.
Imagine if they focused on the knowledge of how long Lazarus had been dead and never opened the grave for Jesus to raise him unto Joy and laughter.
The Truth is as you grow in Christ, what you should guard you heart against changes.
Just as the temptations and trials orchestrated by the devil rearranges.
You Gotta guard your heart against anything that isn’t God’s voice.
Cos even the best things at the wrong time would cause nothing but interference and noise.
Who told you you must keep up with the kardiashans?
Who told told you must be the best at playing the latest version of “The God of War”?
Anything that makes us sleep should be avoided cos that’s when the devil sows weeds that causes us to miss what God has in store.
Cos we let unhealthy things slip into our hearts when we prioritise the inventions of men over this book of the law.

God Hasnt Changed

Infilling of the HolySpirit
The Infilling of the HolySpirit

God hasn’t changed much, in fact God hasn’t changed at all
He is and was “I am” before the creation of man and after his fall
He still doesnt despise when a broken & contrite heart cries out & calls
It still takes just believing in him for righteousness to be the nature of any and all.
He still loves & enjoys our attention especially amidst troubles & distractions
Because what we attend to is magnified in your lives & leads us to its destination
So attending to “I AM” equals him being magnified in our lives leading us into predestination
God is still jealous & doesn’t wish anyone damnation.
He still cuts off those who declare unbelief in him even after witnessing his power
He is still very patient with sinners while he knocks at their hearts every other day, second or hour.
He stills sees people as saved or damned unlike humans who see homosexuals, Bisexuals, virgins or those way past their flower.
He is still prefers saving an already damned soul to judging his actions right or wrong, as it takes a miracle to make sweet what is already sour.
God still doesn’t place one sin above the other
Like some think it was over homosexuality he destroyed Sodom & Gommorah
But he said in Genesis 18:20-21, “To confirm their cries and GRIEVOUS SINS have I come over”
So please don’t believe a twisted truth, don’t let the devil “park and pull you over”
He wants our attention/energy to stay on just one of the many sins & away from the power within
Cos he knows only the HolySpirit can equip anyone with power to truly live above Sin
But with our holy attention on that sin it’s exalted above THE POWER SUPREME
while we all get busy debating the sin looking away from the one who raised Christ from the power of death to The Lord over Everything.
It’s still not possible to be led by God’s Spirit & lose your way
Haven’t you noticed it’s only carnally minded Christians who turn gay?
Let’s place our attention on getting believers off the wrong food to being filled with the HolySpirit
And as God so loved the world, let’s focus on getting them born again, filled with the HolySpirit & in the meantime loving them all the way.

Titles Titles Idols



Titles Titles Titles
Idols idols idols idols
Read your Bible, Bible, Bible
Don’t do what we do, they do or I do
And mind you, you gotta keep in touch need I remind you
With God the Father, before you start nursing the same desires some abide to
To put titles before purpose, like you sitting in a carriage with the horses behind you
It could happen to anyone all that’s needed is daily exercise of those feelings inside you.
Jesus was called a lot of names but he never accepted a title
Except “The Son of God” which the HolySpirit revealed to Peter as written in the bible
Why can’t we be like Christ only bearing the names God calls us
Like gods, saints and sons, we don’t have to die to be the ones, he already did that for us
But today gods are Greek fairy tale characters and saints, dead people
Their evangelical materials(audiovisuals) have eaten deep into our culture like bean weevils
As God lifts a man he renames him, but the world categorises you with tags to lock you in
We screaming “Christianity ain’t a religion” but we let them rename us and box us in
So people know exactly what to avoid and what not to play on the radio
Have you ever heard of “Muslim Hip-hop” as a genre? Who’re we fooling bro?
Many times they tried to categorise John the Baptist but he stuck with being the voice
Of one crying saying “make straight the way” hence I say “Rise above the Noise
caused by the clashing of titles”


Photo from thewillnigeria.com
Photo from thewillnigeria.com

Rat race but i call it rat go slow
Tradition holding us back but many dont know
Corruption acting so klin we need omo
“We would do this do that”… All na Promo!!!
So we follow through the path laid by ancestors it kinda so full of potholes
But u must know that we didnt fight for independence so its value is unknown
A lot of people look to few people to do something
After all said and done many do nothing
Talk shows everywhere peeps pointing fingers
Blame pile up like bills but d issue lingers
Religious wars, no unism like bad singers
So many claiming right and only a few are left wingers
Now we hear of attacks everywhere, the style is kamikaze
Some think its better we spit up n do bigger
Like Dbanj and Don Jazzy.
But they cant jazz me gon
You can’t woo me like that lady so quit with the flattering gon
Even mayruwa for my street homie dey famz me gon
We all washing each other parading titles gon
But what am asking gon?
Is How long we gon cry to ourselves?
Sing the praises of men for money die to ourselves?
Let our bellies be our god ignore the cry out 4 help
The future’s people not technology, dont lie to yourself. Uh!!!


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Murder, murder, murder, Rappers wanna murder


Image from nowtoronto.comMurder, murder, murder, Rappers wanna murder
Murder, murder, murder, tear the beat asunder
Murder, murder, drop punchlines that strike like thunder
Till that rapper goes down, don’t give a hoot if he my brother
What’s the motive behind this loud art?
I keep telling myself to watch it bro, this Hip-hop that we do is a proud art
Knowledge be spilling like a loud fart
We keep chasing grace away like scared horses galloping with a large cart
Containing all the blessings that comes with being humble
While we acting like wrestlers competing in a royal rumble
So we stumble out of love switch motives start tumbling
And when Brethren start judging, them rappers start grumbling.
You can’t kill a beat homes it’s God’s inspiration
That goes thru the mind and gets new definition
There you have it don’t be asking where I get inspiration
I study and enquire I don’t only listen in congregations
I am not perfect though, I am not a legend
But then again i’m perfect yo and I ain’t being irreverent
The spirit in me is pure and holy so don’t act like you know me
When you see me falling see me crawling, God still calls me holy uh!!!!

The Perfectionist


If there is one thing I have learnt in this life, it is that ideas mustn’t be perfectly executed before it is released for the world to benefit.
Even the Bible said “the path of the just is as a shining light that shines brighter and brighter unto a perfect day”.
God being omniscient knew we would one day be “life giving spirits” when he chose to first of all make us “living souls”.
To me that’s humility right there, knowing you can do much more yet let it be revealed through time despite external views and judgement.
Sometimes creative artists like myself hold unto these so called ” unfinished ideas” because these ideas don’t match the knowledge we have acquired so far and also because of our concern over the impression the idea would make on the receivers.
What we have to know is that most times you may know something but it doesn’t mean the time is right for that which you know to be made manifest or you may not be fully equipped(spiritually and physically) to apply that which we know. Some of you may then ask “why do we know it then?”
The answer is simply because knowledge is from our spirits for our souls, that’s why we carry it on even when we leave this world and the fact that your soul is rich with the knowledge you feed it doesn’t mean its strong enough to put the knowledge to work.

ThePerfectionist Cover Art
The strength to put it to work would only come by continued exercise with that which you know starting from the little to the great. I also think we should be more concerned about the good it would do to the listeners however the stage it is in.
I am not in any way trying to downplay excellence but there is just so much you can do at a certain time based on the resources available to you, how far you have exercised your inner gifts/skills and how aware/how much you have made use of the grace of God on your life and outer gifts(People & their respective gifts, resources and grace).
After all, your excellence today would be improved upon tomorrow either by you or someone else because excellence is with respect to the times we are in. I for one have been guilty of this very thing I am talking about till God spoke to me and I repented. Have you?

Why do we lie to ourselves ?


pinokyoLies like I have to work on my spiritual life
Isn’t life spiritual, don’t we know that the spiritual realm gave birth to & controls the physical
Why do we live our lives like God isn’t everywhere?
Better still, Why do we live our lives like we don’t carry God’s presence everywhere?
Why do we act like everyone including God doesn’t know our aims and motives
If only we would handle life like daily spiritual exercises, we would avoid these lie mines and explosives.
Lies like let’s face reality, put God aside
Nothing is as real as God’s word cos after all has passed away, his word would still Glo with pride
Imagine we put man’s breath aside what would we have on the other side?
That’s how dead we become when we put God aside
Cos without him was nothing made that was made
So to put him aside is to remove the foundation that was laid
That’s why things are falling apart despite the price that he paid
These lies are the depths we create in our lives calling unto hell to invade
Lies like he or she is my better half
Its a lie to make you feel incomplete and inadequate, a lonely kpaff(fool)
So you live your life on standby, waiting as long as it lasts
Forgetting the son of God lived, died and rose single but complete in the father, you and I through the Holy Spirit.
Now that’s a love that lasts.
Why do we lie to ourselves?